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2 main news of today's education System in Gujarat India: (1) There will be a big change in B.Ed under NEP (2) Education loan cannot be rejected.

 (1) Education Update :Now it is necessary to get this degree to become a teacher, there will be a big change in B.Ed under NEP.


The minimum qualification of teachers from Kindergarten to Class 12 was also fixed. 

In the next few years, the impact of the new National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 will be clearly seen in the world of education. It is gradually being implemented from higher education to primary education. Not only this, there are going to be new changes in the teaching sector as well. In this order, there are plans to make the four-year BEd or four-year Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP) degree mandatory from the year 2030.

What was changed?

The minimum qualifications of teachers from Kindergarten to Class 12 have also been fixed under the recommendations of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. It includes BA-B.Ed, B.Sc-B.Ed and B.Com-B.Ed. Currently four-year B.Ed program is being launched under a pilot project in 41 universities from the academic session 2023-24. The National Testing Agency will start accepting online applications for this National Common Entrance Exam next week. National Council for Teacher Education is starting four year B.Ed program only under NEP 2020 recommendations.

What will be the admission criteria?

Candidates who appear in the entrance exam will be given admission to the course on the basis of merit. Applications are invited from universities for pilot project of 4-year Integrated Teacher Education Program from session 2024-25. Now this new BED program will be prepared to teach children according to the new education model.

Admission to the university will be from CU-Chayan

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has taken a major step to simplify the recruitment process for faculty posts in universities. UGC has launched Central University Faculty Recruitment Portal CU-Chayan. With the help of this portal, the way to easily apply for the faculty posts including professor, assistant professor in the university will be easy.

(2) Even if CIBIL score is low, education loan cannot be rejected, HC advises SBI


The High Court heard both sides and decided.
The judge asked the banks to adopt a humanitarian approach in such cases.

The Kerala High Court while hearing one of its cases said that a bank cannot refuse to grant an education loan to a student even if the CIBIL score is low. Slamming the banks, Justice P.V. Kunhikrishnan urged banks to adopt a humanitarian approach while considering applications for education loans.

Students are future nation builders

According to a report, the High Court while hearing the petition of the student said that the student is the future nation builder. He has to lead the country in the future.
Just because a student has a low CIBIL score and has applied for an education loan, I believe that the education loan application of such students should not be rejected by the bank.

Out of the two loans, N could not pay the installment of the loan

In this matter, the applicant who is a student had taken two loans in which one loan was Rs.16667. were due to be paid. The bank declared the second loan as NPA. Due to this, the applicant's CIBIL score was weakened. The petitioner's lawyers told the court that if he does not get the loan, he will be in big trouble. The petitioner's counsel said that his client had received a job offer from a multinational company and would be able to repay the loan in full after some time. Then the High Court after hearing the arguments of both the parties gave the decision in favor of the petitioner

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